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This is the fourth annual year of the Small Town Future Leader Scholarship. This year we are not only opening up the application to just Ridge-Spring Monetta High seniors but also to Saluda High, Batesburg-Leesville High, and Strom Thurmond High seniors. The scholarship is geared towards helping the selected graduate that has met all eligibility criteria get even closer to achieving their post-graduation goal(s). My plan for the scholarship is to give hope to those whom are coming from lower income households and let them know that through their hard work they can dream just as big as anyone else and have confidence that they can pursue their dreams as well as anyone else.

The Small Town Future Leader Scholarship will be a monetary award of $500.00 or more awarded to one (1) recipient whom will be attending either a trade school/community college or a 4 year college.

A student interested in the Small Town Future Leader Scholarship must fit the following criteria:
- Be a student at Ridge Spring-Monetta High School, Saluda High School, Batesburg - Leesville High School, or Strom Thurmond High School
- Have intentions of continuing their education after graduation (including but not limited to trade schools, community schools, 2 year colleges, 4 year universities, etc). (Distribution of scholarship is dependent upon acceptance correspondence from school. See listed requirements for application.)
- Have application and all required material requested in the application properly turned in by April 30, 2022. The applications will be read by a selected council and the winning application(s) will be chosen by vote through majority agreement. The recipient of will then be contacted and will be awarded at school's senior award day ceremony.

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