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Meet The Team


Meet Trell Martin, the proud owner of Full Effect Designs & Images hailing from Ward, SC. Beyond steering the photography studio, Trell wears many hats – a Notary Public in South Carolina, a former Beginners Photography Instructor at the University of South Carolina Sumter, a PPA member, an former Advisory Board Member of UofSC Sumter Photography and Arts Program, a private photography class instructor, and the Owner of Axis Magazine Publications.


At Full Effect, our mission is to transform your life's moments into enduring memories. Trell Martin's lens has captured celebrities, major events, politicians, and businesses. As the owner, Trell ensures every customer is delighted with the final product. With over a decade of graphic design and website building experience, Full Effect Designs & Images is your go-to for capturing and immortalizing special memories. Contact us today for a consultation!

      Trell Martin 
Owner & Founder


JaQuan Smith, a talented 21-year-old photographer based out of Rock Hill SC, embarked on his creative journey during high school, where his passion for capturing moments blossomed into a lifelong pursuit. As the founder of his own photography brand, "Expressive Visions," JaQuan has become a visionary in the art of transforming ideas into visual masterpieces. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to authenticity, he thrives on the opportunity to bring his clients' concepts to life, providing them with a platform to authentically express themselves through his lens. JaQuan's dedication to his craft and his ability to turn imagination into reality have quickly established him as a rising entrepreneur in the world of photography.

      JaQuan Smith 


Meet Shanequa West, the proud owner of Beauty Zone, established in February 2023. A talented self-taught makeup artist, Shanequa discovered her passion through practicing on herself and others as a hobby. Aspiring to become a licensed esthetician in 2025, she aims to educate others on achieving their beauty needs.


Beyond makeup artistry, Shanequa has crafted her own organic herbal tea, designed to strengthen the immune system, slow aging, and enhance skin appearance. Her mission revolves around helping everyone gain confidence and feel beautiful.

      Shanequa West 
Make-Up Artist

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